Orcannic is California's first
"Bake at Home" cookie dough company allowing our supporters to bake and consume the freshest cookies available. Focusing on utilizing organic ingredients to insure a flavor and consistency unmatched in the edible industry.

The company was formed due to the lack of tasteful, fresh and trustworthy edibles in the market. With few products testing potency, and fewer trained in the culinary arts, patients are left with little to no options of quality products available.

Classically trained in French baking by Le Cordon Bleu, Orcannic's lead baker takes an approach never before seen in edibles. From rare imported Paraguayan sugar to free range eggs, a combination the finest organic,kosher and fair trade ingredients are used in our self created gourmet recipes.

Created in small batches, each is tested by SC Labs to insure a consistent and honest representation of the potency.